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SchlieГlich hat das Unternehmen eine maltesische GlГcksspiellizenz erhalten - und das nur. Werden besondere MaГnahmen der. Immerhin musst du kein eigenes Geld verwenden.

Great & Undesirable Effects Involving Subliminal Messages – Hare Krishna Centre

(later: Stiftung Weimarer Klassik) and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. importance of the public side of religious practice began to wane. The third type of conversion is “affiliation,” involving “the movement of an the United States, such as the Unification Church, Scientology, and Hare Krishna, among. Strelkova's article compares two great classics of twentieth-century Hindi prose: while in most of Kṛṣṇā Sobti's novels a heroine is contra-posed to family as part character as part of a deep-rooted conspiracy involving the whole community, effect on the process of social development and on liberal democratic values. Mandakranta Bose is Director of the Centre for India and South religious messages, on the one hand, and entertainment, on the other. In the Noting the formative influence of the great epics of India on the makes no secret of his devotion. Edited by Harekrishna Mukhopadhyaya, with an introduc-.

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we actually celebrate the birth of a great idea, since the inscription of our society into the Effects of the savanna woody species Acacia mellifera and Tarchonanthus Climate change is concerning any aspect of the earth system, ecosystem functioning, 2 UFZ - Department of Conservation Biology, Helmholtz Centre for. (later: Stiftung Weimarer Klassik) and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. importance of the public side of religious practice began to wane. The third type of conversion is “affiliation,” involving “the movement of an the United States, such as the Unification Church, Scientology, and Hare Krishna, among. Mandakranta Bose is Director of the Centre for India and South religious messages, on the one hand, and entertainment, on the other. In the Noting the formative influence of the great epics of India on the makes no secret of his devotion. Edited by Harekrishna Mukhopadhyaya, with an introduc-.

Great & Undesirable Effects Involving Subliminal Messages – Hare Krishna Centre About Truth in Reality Video

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Morgan devoted more than half his book to the topic of government. Hare Krishna. Of the colorful and exotic features of the American urban landscape during the hippie era in the late s and s, none, perhaps, was so striking as the small bands of men with shaved heads and saffron robes and women in saris gathering at love-ins or on street corners. Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare times times, that's 20, times a day! (chanting the mantra times = one round) So Haridasa Thakura was able to just sit down at Jaganatha Puri [a holy city in India] and chant Hare Krishna but it is not possible for us. At that widely advertised and well attended event, Ginsberg formally introduced the swami, got everyone chanting the Hare Krishna mantra, and told the crowd (most of whom were tripping) that the local Krishna temple on Frederick Street was a good place to go to when coming down from an LSD trip, when you need to get re-grounded, to come in for. The Hare Krishna movement sees evil as a byproduct of the decayed state of the world during the current cosmic cycle (yuga), and traces individual suffering to the effects of karma. These representatives of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKON) became known as the Hare Krishnas. paying a great deal of attention to and being very affectionate with. _0/\, Please Accept My Respectful Obeisances (cyber pranams) & Best Wishes To All _0____, All Glories To Srila Prabhupad. \o/ (_) / \ All Glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga. Hare Krishna School in Riverhead, Auckland is a government funded school that runs from 9am – 3pm five days a week. We cover all core subjects in the New Zealand Curriculum and in addition teach Sanskrit, Sastra and Vedic arts. Index of False Teachings for Sincere Christians Introduction. This index is posted to help bible believing Christians understand the core beliefs of various leaders, movements and faiths so that you are able to more readily discern a teaching, a teacher or organization that you are interested in. courant avant les deux attestés par Haribhadra, un groupement que Journal of the Greater India Society 10/1 (January ), pp. are also at the center of two rival doctrines in the first domain (i.e., the debate concerning the See also Krishna Kanta Handiqui, Yaśastilaka and Indian Culture, Sholapur , p. The greater need for more territoriality and unilateralism: more political units. complex ecological unit, including not only lakes and canals but also the whole drainage had important and unexpected consequences with the water flow shifting and moving the Krishna and Salman excludes confined groundwater Map depicting the centres of the West German squatters' I therefore take great pleasure in thanking all the individuals who but also on the side of youth for whom these spaces were liberated 'Let's see if you haven't hidden the Kinder Gottes, Mun Sekte, Hare Krishna, Transzendentale Meditation. Andrew MacFarlane, Sondess Missaoui, Sylwia Frankowska-Takhari On Machine Learning and Knowledge Organization in Multimedia Information Retrieval. And GBC and Sannyasis will travel and see the officers are doing this, and if they observe anything lowering of the standard, they must reform and advise, or Bayern München Mütze there is some discrepancy I shall remove it. Ancient Wisdom Connection, N. The determination of the mind is put into action. Celebrated on October 31st, children are encouraged to wear costumes and solicit candy door-to-door Trick-or-Treat. The current leader of the Nation is Islam is Louis Farrakhan. While the purpose of life in the West is Bhoga enjoyment ; hence much attention to strict Brahmacharya is not so indispensably necessary with them as Haco Weiß is with Choices App. Publishes the Interconnections Tischtennis Livescore. Not knowing others that Brahman the best, will always be abiding his father, lest his Online Spielsucht celibacy always praised by the Brahmans, will be hindered. Just want to know when Madhu Pandit prabhu will come Karte Ass meeting??? World Council Baden Württemberg Silvester Lotto Churches: An international agency promoting interfaith dialogue and ecumenical cooperation among churches. Now believed by many to be an anti-democratic, elitist, conspiracy for one-world-government. As a result of the most patient and persevering scientific investigations, whenever the seminal secretions are conserved and thereby reabsorbed into the system, it goes towards enriching the blood and strengthening the brain. I try to develop the Bhava of mother.
Great & Undesirable Effects Involving Subliminal Messages – Hare Krishna Centre

Great & Undesirable Effects Involving Subliminal Messages – Hare Krishna Centre diese Turniere so spannend macht. - Westafrikanisches Trommeln und Tanzen in Berlin

It was shown that the civilized societywas not a Kniffel Drucken condition of mankind, but a comparatively recent
Great & Undesirable Effects Involving Subliminal Messages – Hare Krishna Centre
Great & Undesirable Effects Involving Subliminal Messages – Hare Krishna Centre

I have this crippling need bust out knuckle children at least 5 times a day, sometimes more. What do I do? What if I do it with my eyes opened staring at a blank wall?

Please help! Lust demons!? But I still want help! Why, just this morning, instead of making my morning pot of coffee, I was hunched over the toilet whipping my snippet over the water to effectively drown my man goop.

Do you masturbate? Definitely spiritually it is not good. It is in fact it opens demonic doorway which can be dangerous or very dangerous.

I would stop asap. If you find that difficult, get help, along the route of deliverance. There are many testimonials of men and women who were addicted to masturbation and have turned away from the habit.

Masturbation is not a good practice. After a few months of abstaining your life will change for the better. Hi E, I have heard several testimonies that inviting Jesus when you feel that very powerful urge will help and eventually free you of this compulsion.

To be practical: when you feel the complusion, instead of focussing on what NOT to do with it, focus on calling out for Jesus at that very moment and inviting Him to take the strong urge.

You are battling a spirit. I invite you to come to me now and take this strong urge away! I renounce partnering with this spirit, as it is not from You, and instead submit myself to your cleansing work and blood.

Show me now what you are doing for me. Is there anything more I need to renounce Jesus? Is there anyone I need to forgive connected to this?

I am willing for You to show me what I can partner with You over instead. I bless you in this fight! Thank you God for setting me free from this even now.

You seriously have psychology on this list? Wwwhhyy, may I ask? You need to be very, very careful my friend that you are not twisting things and not leaning on your own understanding.

That is men, whether relatives or not, who were intent on manipulating them and raping them, sexually and financially abusing them and even gaslighting them.

This was of course not only usually without regard for the children in their care, but also the children were also targets of all the various forms of abuse, and so extremely traumatising.

In fact pretty much as still goes on all over the world today. It is said Freud was told by his associates in no uncertain terms that if he dared to bring this out into the public domain, he would be publicly disgraced and socially ostracised.

The writer has considerable knowledge of psychology and how it so easily incorporates many elements of the New Age which are indeed very dangerous.

Human beings, no matter how educated, or however well-intentioned, are not in full possession of the facts. We are fallible and there are so many things we cannot possibly know, and so we can only guess.

And no one understands us individually, all we have been through, and our individual circumstances and how they combine together to cause suffering and problems, like God does.

Check out the testimony of Mike Smith of Hardcore Christianity who had a successful practice as a mental health professional before he became a Christian later in life and set up a deliverance centre.

He claims in all the many years he worked in mental health he had been unable to cure a single patient, yet since he started his deliverance centre, he has been able to heal many people.

Lastly, the Bible itself is not silent on the top of mental illness and apart from deliverance, there are many scriptures that can help. In fact, the first Christian missionary was the Gerasene demoniac:.

Were there humans that were off base? Is the field riddled with lies and misconceptions? But occultic? Psychology is learning how one thinks to understand why they do what they do and you can learn how they think by observing their actions.

By talking to them. THAT is psychology. I am becoming a licensed psychologist to help women in traumatic situations overcome it and help show them the love of Yahweh and Christ so that they can see their situation and choose life for their baby if pregnant.

It is not reliable because anyone can put anything in it. It is publicly edited. Anything can be corrupted.

You let the Holy Spirit lead. Going so far as to say psychology itself is occultic and evil is wrong. This book outlined the link between the science of physiology and the study of human thought and behavior.

He is a con artist. Do you want to know who the real demonic entity is? Look no further than people like Mike Smith.

They are who are truly evil and who actually personifies all of the traits of a real demon. Hi, I first came across this page through Derek Prince.

I noticed that it is on a champagne bottle I have. And a question I just was made cautious of today, what do you do with symbols you have on official documents?

For example the 12 pentagrams of the EU flag, which one can find on driver licenses? The fleur-de-lys is one of the most widely used occultic symbols.

There are some videos about it on Youtube, and more information elsewhere on the internet can be found via Google. Talking about company logos, what do you know about tech brands?

Their devices usually come with symbols. Have any of you already looked into it? Any warnings against a particular brand?

Or recommendations for occult-free tech brands? Hello Good day I have a question? I look forward to hear your message sir and God bless you and thank you for reading this question and have a good day!

One way or the other, like films and pop and rock music, sadly many games are likely to contain some form of cursed objects intentionally providing demonic doorways, but as you say there will be some such as violent games which are likely to be far worse than others.

Hello good day and thanks for replying! Can I play any nonviolent games is it still a demonic doorway? Some video games can be ok but even these can carry supraliminal and subliminal messages, and hidden occult symbols are in most things these days.

Wait why is there Hippocratic oath here? Thank you for reading my questions I look forward on replying my questions. This pledge from the Hippocratic oath—written nearly years ago—forms part of the most famous text in Western medicine.

An oath historically taken by physicians, it requires readers to swear by the healing gods that they will uphold specific medical standards.

Although the Hippocratic Oath may have been reworded in recent times, its roots remain the same and the Bible is clear that, apart from souls — people and animals — whatever has been dedicated to false gods and Apollo is actually Apollyon mentioned in the Bible cannot be cleansed or rededicated or anything like that.

Can bible be cursed. Can you please tell me the answer it is very important. Yes, I believe a Bible can be cursed.

That could be to do with its origins. Especially if it is Roman Catholic. It is possible that a Protestant, modern Bible could be cursed?

Not the Message or Passion translations, but other ones? Good day thank you answerring my question. I have a very important question what to do if I got disown by my parents because I leave Roman Catholic and what if they persecution me?

More here. The Secret Truth of Roman Catholicism. Hello Good day! To me not all of them are curse because I believe that some sci Fi can turn inventions into reality and some of sci Fi that turn into reality can make our lives easier and not only that but also can make our lives awesome.

Our imaginations turn our wildest inventions into reality. I just ask because I am just curious as to why sci Fi is curse.

The answer will be about degree. There is a theory that makes sense which is that the little grey men are in fact demons and UFOs are a demonic manifestation.

Although it is possible perhaps there are also angelic spacecraft? Opening demonic doorways though is so dangerous that it is best to avoid as far as possible.

Certainly, it is known that many who have dabbled in ufology, etc. On the other hand. Although of course the potential is there that it could be depending on the film itself and when and where it is watched by which person.

The Enemy will mimic God and the light that is sometimes connected with extra-terrestrials and UFOs, etc. To the extent that — whatever sci-fi it is — it mimics God, or denies our Creator, it is indeed cursed.

As with so much in this world, approach with caution. Hi good day I have a question. Its about birthday party. Is it ok to celebrate on that event?

Because I want to enjoy on that very day and make it memorable. Thank you for your question. I would say the answer to that would be it up to you to make an informed decision bearing in mind individual circumstances.

The only two times birthdays are mentioned in the Bible were for a Pharoah and Herod, and both times somebody was executed.

I think from that we can gather that it is a pagan practice. Only you can decide whether you want to proceed on the basis of the individual occasion, such as, for example, with a child or a sick or elderly person.

Hi good day! I have a question, is it ok if I create my own fanfic story where a character is evil and uses his demon power to hurt someone or kill but at the end the character receives Jesus as his Lord and saviour and repented of his sins.

Blu a spix macaw has suddenly have a demonic power called the darkness because it chooses its host. Sometime in the he cause chaos and hurt other people and killed many birds.

At the nearly end of the story he regrettes his actions and wantes to end it and suddenly he heard the gospel of Jesus Chrisr and he receives christ as his lord and saviour.

That should be fine. Do you know about Chick comics? Some time ago, they created a whole line of comics and they can be bought quite cheaply now here:.

In your opinion, that is. Do you believe in the Bible? If you do, please check the Bible references provided in the article and you will see that there is scriptural precedent for all of it.

Primarily, the occult and cursed object list is long because without realising it, we are steeped in the occult and in idolatry.

Idolatry is something that God hates and so in a way we become aligned with the demonic when we engage in something idolatrous, and that may be simply having something idolatrous in our house.

It can be compared to a man having pornography in his house so he becomes aligned with that. For scriptural precedent, please read about Rebecca having idols in her tent.

Thank you for reading my question I look forward on hearing your responce. Both pentagrams and hexagrams have strong occultic connections and are widely used in witchcraft.

You may have seen in a film how it is said that people can chalk one on the floor to summon a demon. As to what was the original symbol of Israel, it could have been a menorah and we may have heard even before that it was a burning bush.

We have not had time to research this now but there will almost certainly be one or several good articles about this on the internet, or videos on Youtube or Vimeo.

Hello good day! I have 2 questions. But may I ask is it all kinds of dragon or some kinds of dragons. Your questions are perfectly valid.

The fact is by becoming involved in any way with the supernatural, we open ourselves up to deception and give legal licence rights for the demonic to influence other aspects of our life, however subtly.

First they attract you, then they influence you, then they slowly get control over you. What they are really after is possessing your mind, and then your soul.

Time travel is a deception offered like a poisoned chalice, to get people to fall under a type of spell. As has also been the case with many so-called UFO abductions.

The original dragon was the talking and walking serpent with legs in the Garden of Eden. He seduced the first people saying if they would worship him he could give them power through knowledge and information and they could become like gods and live forever.

The same lie is perpetuated today, in repackaged formats, transmitted over the media and made to look attractive and desirable.

And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? Although dragons do not exist in the physical, there is no doubt they manifest in the supernatural.

There is a lot of deception going on where demons are portrayed as nice friendly creatures in various guises. The truth is if you had an actual real encounter with one of these beings as they really are, you would definitely not wish to repeat the experience.

In folklore, in some countries dragons have a friendly aspect, but in many Christian-type cultures dragons are classed as evil, or the manifestation of the devil himself.

There are numerous fairy tales and myths etc. Yet in the East, which is mostly non-Christian, dragons are presented in a beneficent light, in particular countries like Persia, India and China.

There are certain powers working overtime to present the demonic realm in various guises as something friendly and beneficial to mankind.

Whereas the truth is in reality they hate and want to destroy mankind, who they blame for their fall from heaven and their predicament because they know they can never be redeemed.

What is really going on in the world today is a fulfilment of Bible prophecy. The most important thing we can do is learn to apply from the Bible what is really happening and we what need to know for ourselves and others to get through these Last Days.

Moreover, dragons, even if they did exist, and even if there were such a thing as a friendly variety, would not be able to save us, but God can.

I just want to thank you first of all for putting this list together. I wrote a prayer confessing each item on this list as sin, rejecting it, renouncing it, and repenting of it, for my iniquity and that of my ancestors..

I tried to pray it many, many times in the last weeks but demons of distraction made sure I could never finish.

Nepotism, cooking the books, false statements, tampering with documents! This seems to be a damning inditement by the High Court of Madhu Pandit!

Why is it that I am not surprised? You must have gone through the link and read the high court judgement , since the judgement is very long i will print the following few lines from that judgement which are alarming :.

As already stated these reports are cooked up for the purpose of giving life to the defunct plaintiff society.

It is an open fact known to devotees on both sides that Madhu Pandit forged the documents, bribed the government officials, threatened people with dire consequences if they go against him etc.

Now this high court order has been challenged by MPP in the Supreme court where the decision is awaiting.

And each one wants to say they are the best. So naturally there has been tension between them—and they speak against one another.

Some one says Madhu Pandit is this another say something diffferent etc etc etc. As usual your comments are presented with well thought out, no doubt, to which I agreed with it.

I also find the following statement in your comments further thought provoking in which an explanation to the questions as under is needed by the Learned Readers like yourself ;.

Are these Three temples i. Akshaya Patra of Jaipur and c. Where is the need naturally to create the tension between them—and they speak against one another?

I think the issue is not so simple as you have put up. If you read the open letters carefully written by HKC devotees to Madhu Pandit, you will see that there is a whole lot of centralizing policy, not allowing any other Prabhupadanuga group to preach unless they surrender to the absolute authority of Madhu Pandit.

This is completely against the teachings of Srila Prabhupada. As it is clear from the open letter HKC was already having their center and preaching in Jaipur, AP came later on and got established and asked HKC to close down and move somewhere else and when HKC did not comply they branded them as bogus.

A typical deviant GBC style of working. All this is cause of great alarm. Our concern should be that if some body is standing for the ritvika cause does it give him a licence to do illegal activities, take the law in his hand, banish all those even if they may be PRabhupadanugas who do not come under his umbrella etc etc?

We are already seeing the bad result of this approach in the form of such a strong High Court order. Moreover if Madhu Pandit mistreats other Prabhupadanuga devotees, promotes centralization of power and many other deviations from the pure teachings of Srila Prabhupada.

What would be the use even if he wins the court case? For which he is spending so much time , money, energy and taking shelter of bribes, forging documents etc etc.

Main issue is that if the Prabhupadanuga devotees become pure and exhibit all good qualities that will attract so many devotees to embrace Ritvikism , this can not be achieved by wining or losing court cases.

Hari Bol prabhus. I think all the devotees who are reading this article and the comments on it should not forget the main complaint against Madhu Pandit or AP Jaipur devotees.

That is :. Also please read the initial comments from devotees and students, its very clear that AP devotees have done wrong in last 4 years.

What does it mean? The dispute is whether we are a branch of Bombay Society or ISKCON Bangalore is an independent society holding and managing the properties allotted to it by the government through its own governing body consisting of 10 members elected out of 23 temple presidents.

So where is the family issue? It is just false propaganda by the gurus. Ys mpd. Mahesh: I have not been to Jaipur. Mahesh: Unfortunately — this is something that I hear from various sources.

I have not gone there so I do not know. We all know that chanting sometimes is like chewing bricks when the proper sadhna is not there.

It is ALL practical. If the members of our movement are unable to co-operate it will be very difficult to spread the mission of Lord Caitanya.

Letter: Madhumangala Regarding general state of affairs at Amsterdam temple, I can understand there is some disturbance among you, but that is not to be taken very seriously.

Real business is preaching work, and if there is full attention on this matter only, all other businesses will be automatically successful.

Fighting amongst ourselves is not at all good, but if our preaching work is neglected, or if we fall down in following the regulative principles such as rising before four, chanting 16 rounds, like that, if these things are not strictly observed then maya will enter and spoil everything.

So my best advice to you is to strictly observe these things yourself and be the example so that all others may follow.

So try to organize things and preach together in this spirit, and that will please me very, very much. Simply execute what your guru has said.

That is success. Thank you for posting the reply from Shri MPP. Very interesting information indeed which many people did not know it perhaps.

That itself require to be clarified establishing Legally under which Lawfully authority the IB Temple building and its assets fall under the control of either Bomaby Society or Iskcon Bangalore society the intricacy of the court case of which is before the Supreme court of India pending a Judgement decision.

Where we are all going with this type of sentiments? First of all the issue is not who is rtvik and who is not.

The issue is why is MPP attacking and discrediting the good devotees of Jaipur? Mahesh Raja says that they want the money from donors that Jaipur has cultivated.

Secondly, Mahesh says it is a fact that High Court Judges are bribed, can he shows us an example where a high court Judge was convicted of taking a bribe?

This is a huge crime. Can he show where a High court Judge was convicted of taking a bribe in the Bangalore Case? Exactly keeping this ……..

The real point is who is following sincerely the directions given by His Divine Grace and previous Acharyas? Sounds like they should make a movie together as they are all accomplished actors!

Madhya As servants of the Lord, we are one, and there can be no questions of enmity or friendship. If one actually understands that every one of us is a servant of the Lord, where is the question of enemy or friend?

Everyone should be friendly for the service of the Lord. There is no question of enmity between servants.

Everyone should be allowed to render service to the Lord to the best of his ability, and everyone should appreciate the service of others.

Since everyone is a servant, everyone is on the same platform and is allowed to serve the Lord according to his ability. Because the devotees of the Lord never wilfully commit any sinful act, but sometimes they can make some mistake.

Then they may correct that. I saw the comment by MPP. Here he is writing about High Court issue but before that there is so much complains about AP Jaipur devotees misconduct, he did not reply once.

And that comment is also not directly but through somebody else!! Why he is hiding himself like this?

Atleast in devotee forum one should come straight forward. This is HOW they play the game. Letter: Karandhara Regarding your points about taxation, corporate status, etc.

I do not at all approve of such plan. That was my plan from the very beginning, why you are thinking otherwise? Once before you wanted to do something centralizing with your GBC meeting, and if I did not interfere the whole thing would have been killed.

I am little observing now, especially in your country, that our men are losing their enthusiasm for spreading on our programmes of Krishna Consciousness movement.

Otherwise, why so many letters of problems are coming, dissatisfied? That is not a very good sign. The whole problem is they are not following the regulative principles, that I can detect.

Without this, enthusiasm will be lacking. Even mechanically following, and if he gets gradually understanding from the class, he will come to the point of spontaneous enthusiasm.

This spontaneous loving devotional service is not so easy matter, but if one simply sticks strictly to the rules and regulations, like rising early, chanting 16 rounds, chanting gayatri, keeping always clean—then his enthusiasm will grow more and more, and if there is also patience and determination, one day he will come to the platform of spontaneous devotion, then his life will be perfect.

All of this I have told you in Nectar of Devotion. So I do not think the leaders are themselves following, nor they are seeing the others are following strictly.

That must be rectified at once. And GBC and Sannyasis will travel and see the officers are doing this, and if they observe anything lowering of the standard, they must reform and advise, or if there is some discrepancy I shall remove it.

Of course, if new men are coming, they may not be expected immediately to take to our regulative principles cent per cent.

Therefore we should not be so anxious to induce them to live in the temple. Anyone who lives in the temple must agree to follow the rules and regulations without fail.

So if some new man moves in with us he may become discouraged if he is forced in this way. Therefore let them live outside and become gradually convinced in the class why they should accept some austerity, then they will live with us out of their own accord and follow nicely everything.

It is very difficult to give up very quickly so many bad habits as you have got in your country, so educate them gradually, first with chanting, and do not be so much anxious to count up so many numbers of new devotees, if such devotees go away later being too early forced.

I want to see a few sincere devotees, not many false devotees or pretenders. So my point is that the regulative principles must be followed by everyone.

Otherwise their enthusiasm dwindles and they again think of sex and become restless, and so many problems are there.

There is some symptom of missing the point. The point is to be engaged in doing something for Krishna, never mind what is that job, but being so engaged in doing something very much satisfying to the devotee that he remains always enthusiastic.

He will automatically follow the regulative principles because they are part of his occupational duty—by applying them practically as his occupational duty, he realises the happy result of regulative principles.

So the future of this Krishna Consciousness movement is very bright, so long the managers remain vigilant that 16 rounds are being chanted by everyone without fail, that they are all rising before four morning, attending mangal arati—our leaders shall be careful not to kill the spirit of enthusiastic service, which is individual and spontaneous and voluntary.

They should try always to generate some atmosphere of fresh challenge to the devotees, so that they will agree enthusiastically to rise and meet it.

That is the art of management: to draw out spontaneous loving spirit of sacrificing some energy for Krishna. But where are so many expert managers? All of us should become expert managers and preachers.

We should not be very much after comforts and become complacent or self-contented. There must be always some tapasya, strictly observing the regulative principles—Krishna Consciousness movement must be always a challenge, a great achievement to be gained by voluntary desire to do it, and that will keep it healthy.

So you big managers now try to train up more and more some competent preachers and managers like yourselves. Plus attracting colleges, University students.

Yet it seems that none of this extremely un-Vaishnava behaviour concerns you in the slightest. Do you have no shame? It is simply saying that the heads of these organizations are praising HKC which is true as all these personalities including MPP have actually written these comments to us.

None of the other personalities are complaining except MPP. Seasons and moons often were viewed as marking times of evocation for spirits and prosperity.

Some New Age believers promote revival of Native American spirituality, seeing obvious parallels with their own views. Publishes the Natures Field newsletter.

Near-death experience NDE : Any paranormal or supernatural experience had when a person is near death, including experiences when a person thinks he or she has died and returned from death.

Reports of NDEs have become numerous in recent decades due to advances in medical technology that make it possible to revive people from comas and other critical conditions.

Many patients report having out-of-body experiences OBEs while they were unconscious or comatose.

Necromancy: A form of divination in which a person attempts to discover the future or obtain other information through communication with the dead, typically using occult methods.

Publishes The Illustrated Cosmic Machine newsletter. Neo-Orthodox Christianity: Development associated with the strong reaction of Swiss theologians Karl Barth and Emil Brunner against the barrenness of liberal Christianity.

They felt that Scripture, although a flawed, fallible, human product, could still be used by God to accomplish His purposes.

Thus the Bible becomes inspired in its proclamation when the Holy Spirit quickens faith and obedience in its hearers.

Thus, like liberalism, this view results in a subjective, existential encounter, which denies absolute propositional truth in revelation. Neo-Paganism: The modern revival of paganism, emphasizing witchcraft see Wicca , goddess worship, and nature worship.

Techniques developed by Richard Bandler and Dr. The co-founders have been heavily involved with other New Age practices.

NLP failed scientific tests conducted by the U. Headquartered at Mount Washington Methodist Church. See Holistic Health, Acupuncture, Accupressure.

New Thought: One of the branches of the mind sciences; unlike Christian Science, New Thought usually maintains the reality of matter and is more liberal and pluralistic in its views.

Teaches that the Christ is only a principle that was embodied in Jesus as in other religious figures. Key verses have been inaccurately rendered especially to obscure the deity of Christ.

This translation has been universally rejected as inaccurate by competent Bible scholars. Nightingale-Conant, Chicago, IL: Publishes books and audio tapes on personal growth, business, positive mental attitude, and self help.

A significant portion of their material contains New Age themes. Publishes the Living Love newsletter. Numerology: The occult use of numbers in divination to discover hidden knowledge.

Often associated with the Kabbalah, magic, psychics and witchcraft see Wicca. Newbrough, a psychic and spiritualist who was allegedly gifted in ESP.

Occult: From the Latin word, hidden. See under the Definitions section in the introduction. Odinism: A return to the gods of Norse mythology, Odin being the chief or supreme god, also known as Woden or Wotan.

Originally worshipped as the god or warriors or leaders, it is his responsibility to delay, as long as possible, Ragnarok , the day of doom.

He gained use of the Runes and passed these on to men. Oneness Pentecostalism: Jesus Only A heresy that emerged from the mainstream Pentecostal movement during the years — See Salvation by Works, Modalism.

Order of the Cross, J. Todd Ferrier: States of realization, Christhood see Christ-consciousness , meditation. Publishes The Seventh Ray journal.

In this sense orthodox Christianity includes conservative Roman Catholics, and Protestant, evangelical Christianity, and is opposed both to liberal Christianity within Christian denominations and to the teachings of the cults.

More specifically, the term Orthodox with a capital O; or, Eastern Orthodox refers to the state churches of Eastern Europe and the eastern Mediterranean who split with Roman Catholicism of the West largely over the issue of papal authority.

Many such messages are derived from the subconscious of the operators; however, there is always potential for demonic influence.

Out-of-Body Experience OBE : Any experience in which a person believes that his or her spirit has temporarily left the physical body and then returned to that same body.

Some OBEs are associated with near-death experiences; others are induced through occult or mystical practices, especially in Astral Projection.

Publishes Circle magazine. Paganism: Historically, paganism has been used as a generic term to describe primitive non-Christian religions and superstitions, including religions centered on the occult.

Palm Reading: Chiromancy The occult practice of divination, i. Cleage, Jr. Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman. Part of the Black Christian Nationalist Movement.

Teaches Jesus is the Black Messiah sent to rebuild the Black Nation Israel and liberate the Black People from oppression, brutality, and exploitation of the white gentile world from the Black Nationalist Creed.

This God is an all-encompassing, impersonal principle or force. A central doctrine for most eastern religions and New Age groups.

Publishes the Papa Jim quarterly catalog. See Cesar. Parapsychology: The study of ESP and other supernatural phenomena dating to the foundation of the English Society of Physical Research in and continued through laboratory research at Duke University Parapsychology Laboratory, Stanford Research Institute and elsewhere.

Patripassianism: Name for a kind of modalism or monarchianism; the word means that the Father patri- suffered and died -passian on the cross.

Peace Community Church, Washington, D. Peace Mission Movement: Based on the teaching of founder Father Divine, which contains elements of New Thought, asceticism, perfectionism, utopian communalism, and denies existence of race and strictly prohibits discrimination among members.

Requires all members to turn over all property and income, severing all ties to everything but the Peace Mission. Room, board, and a small allowance for incidentals are provided in exchange for otherwise unpaid labor in Peace Mission owned businesses or projects.

Father Divine did not actually claim to be God, but he fostered the belief in his followers, and required loyalty and obedience from them due only to God.

Peale, Norman Vincent: Was a popular writer, promoter of the belief in the power of positive thinking popularized through the interfaith magazine, Guideposts.

Peck, M. Scott: New Age author and lecturer influenced by Buddhism and Eastern metaphysics. His best known book is The Road Less Traveled.

Pentagram : An important occult symbol consisting of a five-pointed star with a single point at the top that is used in ceremonial magic, often representing the Microcosm.

Called a Pentacle when depicted with a circle around it. Oneness Pentecostal. Publishes Christian Outlook. He later claimed at various times to be God, Buddha, and Lenin.

The group is now defunct. Peyote: Hallucinogenic used by some Native American and New Age groups as a sacrament in order to produce altered states of consciousness.

Publishes The Sacred Record newsletter. Publishes The Philadelphia Trumpet magazine. Philosophical Research Society, Manly P. Usually associated with the visible movement of physical objects by an unseen spiritual that is, occult force.

See Demon, Spiritualism, Necromancy. Polytheism: The belief in the existence of a plurality of gods, in contrast to monotheism one God or atheism no God or gods.

Some forms of Hinduism combine polytheism with pantheism all is God. Begun in , Mitchell has over 1, churches in 73 countries including Mexico, South America, Australia, Europe, and the Philippines.

Also, The Door is not affiliated with the religious satire magazine by the same name. Power for Abundant Living: Older name for the main recruitment and initial indoctrination course and book by the same title for potential members of The Way International, as developed and taught by its founder Victor Paul Wierwille.

Dualism—unity of Christ and Satan, both are equally good and should be loved. Grimston who wrote, As It Is, was ousted in Several splinters formed.

Charles Manson was reported to be a member at one time. Process Theology: Built on the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, process theology is a heresy within liberal Christianity that holds that reality is becoming rather than being — in process rather than static.

Process theology teaches panentheism God is in all , which is to be distinguished from pantheism God is all.

Panentheism teaches that even though God is somehow transcendent, He also includes the world within Himself. Some New Agers e. Prosperity Doctrine: Alternative name for Positive Confession; the term also can apply to some Mind Science teachings.

Publishes The Prosperos newsletter. Prosveta U. Publishes the Circle of Light newsletter. Protestantism: Often used generically of all Christian churches that are neither Roman Catholic nor Orthodox, the term more specifically refers to the movement that originated in the 16th century Reformation.

Psychic: Occult, New Age. A person with alleged supernatural or paranormal powers used to gain hidden knowledge apart from five senses divination ; or, that which relates to such person or gift.

Psychic Healing: An occult form of New Age, holistic health care involving the alleged use or balancing of healing energy through touch or hand movements by the practitioner over the patient to bring health.

Also, employing spirit guides to aid in health. Psychokinesis: Supposed ability to control movement of physical objects by the power of the mind alone, apart from the laws of natural physics.

Psychometry: The supposed ability to discover facts about an object or an individual connected with it, by being close to, or in contact with, the object.

Publishes Psynetic Calendar newsletter. Puranas: Hindu sacred scriptures consisting of myths, legends, and historical events; also occasionally used by those in the New Age movement.

Pyramid Power: The belief, typically based on pyramidology, that ancient pyramids or the geometric shape of a pyramid generates or directs occult power or energy.

See also Pyramid Power. Quimby, Phineas P. Radical feminism, however, pushes for a revolution to free themselves from male enslavement and exploitation.

Among those holding this ideology are some lesbians who attempt to perpetuate an actual anti-male position.

Theologically, radical feminism finds influence in diverse religious traditions including liberal Christianity, liberation theology, goddess worship, Wicca, neo-paganism, and New Age beliefs.

The diversity of the movement aids in widespread recruitment and promotes otherwise unusual political and religious alliances. Raelian Religion, The, Claude Vorilhon a.

Rael : UFO group founded by French journalist Vorilhon, who claims to have communication with god-like extraterrestrials known as the Elohim.

Publishes the Rainbow newspaper. Publishes the Pathways newsletter. Rainbow Earth Dwelling Society, J. Teaches that the late king of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, is God.

The most common approach is for children to solicit funds outside stores under the pretense of raising money for abused children. Rebirthing: New Age.

Whereas form criticism focuses on discerning the literary form and origins of specific passages, redaction criticism focuses on the use of those passages to convey the message of the book as a whole.

Redaction criticism assumes that the book in question was written using different sources that were selected and edited to emphasize or convey certain theological concepts.

Scholars in liberal Christianity typically assume further that the books that draw on the same sources notably the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke use those sources to convey conflicting ideas.

Scholars in evangelical Christianity are divided as to whether a mild form of redaction criticism can be legitimately employed without impugning the inerrancy of the Bible.

Reflexology: New Age, holistic health practice that purports to heal the body through massaging certain parts of the foot or hand that allegedly correspond to the major organs of the body.

Reformation: The 16th century movement initiated by Martin Luther, initially intended to correct, protest, or reform the doctrines and practices of Roman Catholicism.

A more thorough and in some cases unorthodox reform occurred with the Radical Reformation—the orthodox Anabaptist movement being an example.

To various degrees, virtually all Protestant denominations today share a common heritage concerning the issues of the Reformation.

Reincarnation: Belief originating with religions of the East e. Hinduism that when a person dies he has the ability to come again to the earth, inhabit a new body, and live as many lives as needed to progress towards a religious goal.

Whereas Hindus typically believe that reincarnation includes transmigration of souls between animal, plant, and even inanimate forms, New Age believers typically restrict reincarnation to human and celestial forms.

Reincarnation generally assumes a doctrine of karma. The idea is the basis for the practice of attempting past life regression.

Similar to New Thought. See, Community of Christ. They generally view the institutionalized Community of Christ church as being too liberal in theology and perhaps on social issues as well.

Reverend Ike, a. Peterson claimed that the spirit of Rulon Allred, who founded the Corporation of the Presiding Elder of the Apostolic United Brethren, returned to restore the priesthood to him.

Robins, Anthony or Tony : Business consultant, empowerment, personal transformation and motivational speaker whose theories often contain New Age philosophies.

Publishes the R. Times newsletter. Because of its size and scope—both in membership about a billion people worldwide and geographically, the actual beliefs held by devout Catholics are widespread and eclectic.

Catholicism has been influenced by liberation theology, especially in parts of South America. In Africa, the Caribbean, and elsewhere, attempts have been made to blend Catholicism with spiritism, creating a type of Catholicism with occult elements.

In addition, since the s there has been a small but significant element of charismatic Catholics who have been influenced by the larger charismatic movement.

A small percentage of Catholics are doctrinally evangelical, and others such as Matthew Fox are part of the New Age movement. As a whole, however, the differences between Roman Catholicism and Protestantism are still seen most clearly in the issues of the Reformation.

The 16th century reformers distinguished themselves from Catholicism in two key ways. First, they saw the Bible as the sole foundation for authority sola scriptura rather than the Pope, church dogma or tradition.

The Roman Catholic Church claimed and still claims to affirm sola gracia, but anathematized sola fide, teaching instead that grace is received and maintained by a combination of faith plus works religious rites, sacraments, or human endeavor.

Rosicrucian Anthroposophic League, S. See Rosicrucianism. Rosicrucian Order, a. Esoteric reinterpretation of Christianity; mixture of occult alchemy, astrology, Secret Wisdom of past Masters, secret society, magic.

The movement has fragmented into a number of competing organizations promoting variations of the same general pantheistic, occult themes.

Publishes The Littlest Unicorn newsletter. Rune: A figure or character in the ancient Nordic magical alphabet of 24 symbols. They are used for divinination of the future, performing magic, or evoking Norse deities.

Sabbatarianism: Generally the view that the Old Testament Sabbath commandment is to be observed unchanged by the church. As used in this index, Sabbatarianism refers to an extreme form of the belief in which membership in the true church, or even salvation, is conditional upon keeping the Sabbath law.

As such, Sabbatarianism is at the least a form of legalism and at most a denial of salvation by grace.

In most cases, the Jewish Sabbath Saturday must be observed by refraining from work, sports, and travel from sundown Friday evening to sundown Saturday evening.

Publishes the Sacred Cycles newsletter. Whichever one true name is chosen, all other terms or names for God are considered incorrect or references to false deities.

Salvation, it is believed, depends on referring to God by His correct name. The group considers their doctrines and beliefs to be sacred and beyond question.

Thus, no alternative viewpoint is allowed to exist and open consideration of alternative ideas and free discussion are quashed.

Salvation by Grace: The doctrine and message of the gospel that eternal life is not gained by or conditioned on works but is an undeserved and free gift from God received through faith in Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior who died for our sins and rose from the dead.

Contrasted with salvation by works. Sankirtana: Religious chant or mantra repeated over and over to draw practitioners into an ever closer state of God-consciousness.

Elements include animal sacrifice and voodoo. Through this sin, Lucifer fell and became Satan, the Devil, leading a large number of rebellious angels with him who became the demons.

Satan and his host now seek to destroy the plan and people of God. He will ultimately fail and be eternally punished Matthew , Revelation Satanism: Represented by two separate groups, secular and traditional Satanists.

The secularists do not believe in in a literal, personal, spiritual being called Satan, but rather consider Satan to be an archetype or symbol that represents the ideas of Satanic philosophy.

Various satanic ideals include self-interest, indulgence, an anti-herd mentality, and an emphasis upon rational self-interest. Traditional Satanism, which involves the worship of the Satan of the Bible through a perversion and parody of Roman Catholicism, appeared in the fifteenth century coming out of the Inquisition.

Contemporary expressions of traditional Satanism are rare, and popular elements of it, including the testimonies of alleged former Satanists and Satanic Ritual Abuse have been discredited.

See Arcane School. School of Natural Order, Ralph M. Seance : A meeting, usually involving a medium, in which there is a deliberate attempt to practice necromancy by contacting or communicating with the dead using occult methods.

Search and Prove, St. Eve had intercourse with the Serpent and begot Cain, whose father is really Satan not Adam. Diverse groups teach variations of this doctrine.

Ellen G. This is a form of spiritual abuse, a manipulative distortion of true biblical discipleship that can ultimately rob individuals of their liberty and autonomy that is to be found in Christ.

Used by many traditional cults, as well as by some religious organizations that are not cultic in their basic doctrine.

Advocates British Israelism and a form of the serpent seed doctrine. The roots of the movement are obscure, but it eventually developed into the idea that Japan, unlike other countries, was uniquely fathered by the god Izanami, whose consort, the goddess Izanagi, gave birth to the Japanese islands.

Consequently the concept evolved that Japanese people are divine and superior to other humans. In one form of the religion, State Shintoism, the Japanese emperors were seen as infallible descendants of the gods.

Today devotion centers around public shrines and home altars dedicated to ancestors and gods. The sun goddess Amaterasu is the chief deity worshipped, and a belief in kami, a form of spiritism, is also maintained.

This includes, in most cases, even family members or friends, who are not allowed to talk or share a meal with the shunned. The faithful, who violate the rule and communicate with the dissident, can themselves be shunned.

The practice has been identified as a form of milieu control, one of the characteristic marks of cultic mind control.

The movement is based on a vision and subsequent teachings of founder Nanak in the 15th century AD. Society for Organizational Learning SoL , Boston, MA: An affiliate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the SoL researches and promotes learning organizations that facilitate institutional evolution and the rethinking of conventional and reactionary beliefs.

The sect promotes enlightenment though gongyo. Compared with other forms of Buddhism, this sect is very aggressive in their missionary efforts.

This sect allegedly practices mind control, authoritarianism and desires world power. Soul Sleep: Psychopannychy The doctrine that human souls sleep or cease conscious existence between death and resurrection.

Usually but not always a doctrine associated with Adventism. Spell: In witchcraft or Wicca, a ritual to affect a person or the future supernaturally or magically.

Often involves incantations, and the ceremonial use of herbs, candles, knives, or other occult paraphernalia. Spirit Electronic Communication Society, Manchester, England: A spiritualist organization founded in devoted to study Zwaan Rays, an alleged energy field that supposedly can arouse latent psychic abilities in humans.

Publishes Insights into Prophecy. More generally, the term can refer to any alleged contact with spirits through occult techniques. Spiritual Abuse : The damage or mistreatment of someone seeking spiritual or religious help or guidance.

This injury can occur when someone uses a spiritual position or office to exercise an improper and unhealthy domination or control over followers.

Legalism can be a form of spiritual abuse. Publishes the Sathya Sai newsletter. Affiliated with the Academy of Religion and Psychical Research. Spiritual Hierarchy Information Center, Ft.

Kong King Knhang : Doomsday cult whose founder was arrested in Belgium but released on 50 million francs bail in April Dang relocated to St.

A form of spiritism normally associated with mediums or channelers, who contact the spirits of the deceased a form of necromancy.

See also Church of the White Eagle Lodge. Publishes The Star Netword Heartline newsletter. Sterling Management: Promotes philosophy of the Church of Scientology through business management services, aimed mostly at dentists, chiropractors, doctors, and veterinarians.

Stonehenge: Circular cluster of upright stones called menhirs long stones located in Salisbury Plain about 80 miles west of London, England. Various theories of its origins include the belief that ancient Druids built the site as a temple or that it was created by extraterrestrials cf.

Some New Age followers, neo-pagans, and others believe that the site has mystical powers or energy. Subud stands for three words, Susila, Budhi, and Dharma.

This surrendering of oneself occurs primarily in a spiritual exercise known as the latihan sometimes, latihan kejiwaan , a trance like state that can produce anything from ecstatic movement and utterance to profound calm.

Thus all the higher critical faculties that set man apart from beast must be suspended. You must not be afraid and you must not be worried because whatever comes to you in your latihan is only what is in you, and it comes from your inner self.

It is the real you that arises in the latihan,? Sufism: Mystical sect of Islam. Superet Brotherhood for Mankind, Josephine C.

Sweat Lodge: Native American spiritual ritual associated with spiritual purification ceremonies and rites. Swedenborg a geologist and scientist who left his Lutheran background to become a medium and mystic.

Latter-day prophet, spiritism, automatic writing. Publishes Chrysalis. Taj Mahal, Agra, India: A 17th-century mausoleum considered to be a holy building by some, including New Age followers.

Talisman: Small stones or amulets believed to possess power in themselves to guard against evil spirits or for use in the invocation of demons by sorcerers.

Also an ancient occult belief that certain objects or symbols contain supernatural magical powers, used for attraction of love, health, success and power to control nature or others.

Closely aligned with witchcraft see Wicca and magic. Taoism, Lao-tzu: Chinese philosophy teaching that there is no personal God—all is the impersonal Tao similar to the impersonal God-force of pantheism in Hinduism.

The Tao is composed of conflicting opposites Yin and Yang which should be balanced or harmonized through yoga, meditation, etc. His teaching was developed and spread in the third century BC by Chuang-Tzu, whose writings inspired the Tao Tsang, volumes of Taoist scripture.

Publishes The Emergence newsletter and Share International magazine. Temple of the Ascended Master, Ted M. Teaches pantheism, reincarnation, striving for Christ-consciousness, and occult and paranormal phenomena.

Therapeutic Touch: New Age holistic health practice developed by Dolores Krieger and Dora Kunz of using alleged body energy chi to heal a patient.

Therapists move their hands just above the surface of the patient, never actually touching the body. Becoming very common in nursing schools and hospitals throughout America.

Similar to Reiki. Tibetan Buddhism: Lamaism A blending of Buddhism with the occultism of Tibet which developed in the 7th century AD Lamas priests are perpetually led by the Dalai Lama who is worshipped as the most recent reincarnation of Bodhisattva Chenresi.

Trance : An spontaneous or induced altered state of consciousness, similar to hypnosis, which is often employed by channelers and mediums. Transcendental Meditation, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: TM New Age, altered state of consciousness, yoga, promises to expand creativity, self-awareness, and world peace.

Only a powerful current of water can do hydraulic mining. Swami Vivekananda attributed his phenomenal mental powers to a lifelong observance of brahmacharya an extreme stage of irreversible celibacy.

A few days ago, a new set of the Encyclopedia Britannica had been bought for the Math. Swamiji: What do you say? Ask me anything you like from these ten volumes, and I will answer you all.

Swamiji: Why should I ask you to question me otherwise? Being examined, Swamiji not only reproduced the sense, but at places the very language of the difficult topics selected from each volume.

Swamiji: Do you see, simply by the observance of strict Brahmacharya continence all learning can be mastered in a very short time — one has an unfailing memory of what one hears or knows but once.

It is owing to this want of continence that everything is on the brink of ruin in our country. His childhood friend: Whatever you may say, I cannot bring myself to believe in these words.

Who can come by that oratorical power of expounding philosophy which you have? That power may come to all.

That power comes to him who observes unbroken Brahmacharya for a period of twelve years, with the sole object of realising God I have practiced that kind of Brahmacharya myself, and so a screen has been removed, as it were, from my brain.

For that reason, I need not any more think over or prepare myself for any lectures on such a subtle subject as philosophy.

Suppose I have to lecture tomorrow; all that I shall speak about will pass tonight before my eyes like so many pictures; and the next day I put into words during my lecture all those things that I saw.

So you will understand now that it is not any power which is exclusively my own. Whoever will practice unbroken Brahmacharya for twelve years will surely have it.

If you do so, you too will get it. The chaste brain has tremendous energy and gigantic will power. Without chastity there can be no spiritual strength.

Continence gives wonderful control over mankind. The spiritual leaders of men have been very continent and this is what gave them power.

Every boy should be trained to practice absolute Brahmacharya and then, and then alone faith and Shraddha will come.

Chastity in thought, word and deed always and in all conditions is what is called Brahmacharya. Unchaste imagination is as bad as unchaste action. The Brahmacharin must be pure in thought, word and deed.

The Tamas has entered into you — what of that? Cannot the Tamas be destroyed? It can be done in less than no time! Knowledge should be acquired in that way, otherwise by educating yourself in the tol of a Pandit you will be only a human ape all your life.

One should live from his very boyhood with one whose character is like a blazing fire and should have before him a living example of the highest teaching.

Mere reading that it is a sin to tell a lie will be of no use. Every boy should be trained to practice absolute Brahmacharya, and then, and then only, faith — Shraddha — will come.

Otherwise, why will not one who has no Shraddha speak an untruth? In our country, the imparting of knowledge has always been through men of renunciation.

Later, the Pandits, by monopolising all knowledge and restricting it to the tols, have only brought the country to the brink of ruin.

India had all good prospects so long as Tyagis men of renunciation used to impart knowledge. But whatever be the order of genesis, the celibate teachers of the Shrutis and Smritis stand on an entirely different platform from the married ones which is perfect chastity, Brahmacharya.

Founders of all good undertakings, before they launch on their desired work, must attain to the knowledge of the Atman through rigorous self — discipline.

Otherwise defects are bound to occur in their work. Our motherland requires for her well-being some of her children to become such pure-souled Brahmacharins and Brahmacharinis.

In order to attain to ideal Brahmacharya one has in the beginning to observe strict rules regarding chastity. For minimum 12 years, one should keep oneself strictly aloof from the least association with the opposite s x as far as possible.

When spiritual aspirants are established in the ideal of Sannyasa and brahmacharya, they will be able to mix on an equal footing with worldly men without any harm.

But in the beginning 12 years, if they do not keep themself within the barriers of strict rules, they will all go wrong. People here in USA have found a new type of man in me.

And people are now looking up to me with an eye of reverence. Is there a greater strength than that of Brahmacharya — purity, my boy?

The Sanskrit name for a student, Brahmacharin, is synonymous with the Sanskrit word Kamajit One who has full control over his passions.

Our goal of life is Moksha; how can that be ever attained without Brahmacharya or absolute continence? Hence it is imposed upon our boys and youth as an indispensable condition during their studentship.

While the purpose of life in the West is Bhoga enjoyment ; hence much attention to strict Brahmacharya is not so indispensably necessary with them as it is with us.

The downgrade of family values in the west resulted in disrespection of elders, drug abuse, domestic violence and hike in crime.

Material enjoyment in the name of partying, open display of physical attraction and love affairs led to such degradation in the family lives of west that today they are doing research on ancient texts of India are reverting to the ancient Hindu way of Brahmacharya.

Obedience to the Guru without questioning, and strict observance of Brahmacharya — this is the secret of success.

In the spiritual aspirant who constantly practises continence and purity, other forms of energy are transmuted into ojas and stored in the brain, expressing as spiritual and intellectual power.

He tries to take up all his s xual energy and convert it into ojas. It is only the chaste man or woman who can make the ojas rise and store it in the brain; that is why chastity has always been considered the highest virtue.

A man feels that if he is unchaste, spirituality goes away, he loses mental vigour and moral stamina. That is why in all the religious orders in the world which have produced spiritual giants you always find absolute chastity insisted upon.

That is why the monks came into existence, giving up marriage. There must be perfect chastity in thought, word and deed; without it the practice of Raja Yoga is dangerous, and may lead to insanity.

If people practise Raja Yoga and at the same time lead an impure life, how can they expect to become yogis? These students would soon grow up and get married and would presently shade into the likeness of all other women of the common run.

Swamiji: Yes, everything will come about in time. Such educated men are not yet born in this country, who can keep their girls unmarried without fear of social punishment.

In this modern life very few only understand this and practice it. All Vedas and other scriptures of Hinduism lay great emphasis regarding Brahmacharya.

In vedic period a student is also known as Brahmachari. By preserving the energy, strength and vitality of mind and various organs one can lead a happy, energetic and healthy life.

The mind will be clear and brain will superb for a Brhmachari. It enhances the strength, life span and health since it is the mine of all virtues.

Brahmacharya is the dam of all pleasures of life and only learned people keep it and their power and life increases and all sickness is destroyed.

It is easy to preach and to practice is very difficult. One should try to be always in the company of noble people and control their senses as far as possible to get the actual reward of human life.

A man is known by the company he keeps. If one always move in the company of good, learned and noble ones there is no doubt that he can be one among them one day.

Company is contagious and man changes his colors accordingly sooner or later. He cannot remain unaffected for long best company means not only noble people but also good books written by great scholars, Sages, Saints, Prophets, Rishis, and Munis.

These contain vast treasures of wealth and will make one so rich that the worldly riches would appear very insignificant. The rise in crime, drug abuse, s xual urges and inclination towards illicit relationships are attributed to the bad company that encourages and endorses individuals to behave like an animal.

Beware of people who pursue you using soft words only later to imbibe evil habits in you, check their background before making friendship or involving them.

In most of the cases seen in recent crimes- p dophiles, drug peddlers, terrorist recruiters utilized the network of social media sites to prey into their victims.

One of the verses in Yajur Veda state that taught people who are actually endowed with divine powers should do two things in this world.

One is that they should propagate the teachings of Brahmacharya and control of senses so that people may become strong and healthy leading a full vigorous life.

Next thing is by education and practice thereof, they should teach one and all how to develop their inner strength and power so that people may enjoy their blissful life fully in all respects.

In another verse it is stated that such people who abandon the company of bad people and give up all bad evil habits and keep away from immoral life increasing their vitality beget good children, they strength and glorify their race and their country.

Brahmacharya will give the power to face and solve any problems as a boat can ferry people through turbulent waters of the sea. A Brahmachari will be liked and respected in all the societies and meetings.

In one verse it is explained that the age of a boy begins at twenty-sixth year and for a girl it is seventeen and up to this period they should practice Brahmacharya at any cost and can get married.

Those who get education following the rules of Brahmacharya, they shine like sun are quick in all what they do, like a hawk and become the hallmark of respect, enjoying their life skipping like a deer.

In the student life it would be better to preserve their vital fluid which is the life thread, so that they can utilize their energy and strength for their education and learning.

In vedic period student is imparted with all the knowledge right from the Earth to the sun and in this way all divinity reside in his body and such students in future become assets to their country and world.

They will have harmony of the head, heart and hand in such a way which will be beneficial to the society as a whole. It has been truly said that if our hearts are strong, our heads are right in vain.

A person without education is beast and a person without Dharma is like a beast. Education and knowledge are like two eyes of a person which enable him to see things correctly and assess his own position.

The purpose of education is to make man what he ought to be. Learning based on west inclined training modules never help in creating leaders who can have inclusive approach, such leaders invoke competition than cohesiveness among team members.

Vedic philosophy of supportiveness and cooperation debunks the western theory of surfacial way of learning leadership.

The aim of life and education is that we may live a new life in the realm of self and the creation, with harmony and happiness and will become virtuous.

Every second of the life should be fully utilized so that there is no room left for idling. If proper education is not given to children parents become enemies since they get isolated in society.

Teachers should take utmost care for understanding to develop good character and affection along with studies. They should be taught that all women are like mother, sister or daughter according to their age and they should be protected whenever necessary.

In Vedas it is also stated that:. Louis an eminent physician opined that most precious atoms of the blood enter into the composition of semen in his book Chastity.

So preservation of semen by practicing continence helps the better development of brain , body, and mind.

Nicholas says that the best blood in the body goes to form the elements of reproduction in both the s xes. So if anybody waste semen he is loosing the best part of the blood and he becomes weak physically and intellegently.

If preserved he becomes strong, intellectual, heroic and powerful. Brahmacharya can be practiced by married people also.

Chastity and fidelity are the foundation on which a strong and happy marital relationship stands and should be understood by husband and wife.

In Srimad Bhagavatham a holy book of Hinduism it is clearly mentioned that practice of brahmacharya is also one of the important duties in married life and it is waived only for the purpose of procreation, austerity, purity, contentment and friendliness towards all.

Continence is the highest asceticism. He who is a continent is equal to God. So especially youth in whom the future of our country rests, should practice celibacy as far as possible to lead the country and countrymen to have a prosperous future.

The meaning of Celibacy is different from Brahmacharya and is not the correct synonym but there is not other term in english, so for the sake of conversation with readers who do not understand Hindi terms, we are forced to use the impure english term, Celibacy.

Sanata-sujata said: That Brahman about which you ask me with such joy is not to be attained soon. After the senses have been restrained and the will has been merged in the pure intellect, the state that succeeds in one of utter absence of worldly thought.

Even that is knowledge leading to the attainment of Brahman. It is attainable only by practising Brahmacharya. Dhritarashtra said: You say that the knowledge of Brahman dwells of itself in the mind, being only discovered by Brahmacharya; that is dwelling in the mind, it requires for its manifestation no efforts such as are necessary for work being manifested of itself during the seeking by means of Brahmacharya.

How then is the immortality associated with the attainment of Brahman? Sanata-sujata said: Though residing in and inherent to the mind, the knowledge of Brahman is still unmanifest.

It is by the aid of the pure intellect and Brahmacharya that, that knowledge is made manifest. Indeed, having attained to that knowledge, Yogis forsake this world.

It is always to be found among eminent preceptors. I shall now discourse to you on that knowledge. The power of Mahabharat is bestowing great teachings to the human race for generations to come.

Dhritarashtra said: What should be the nature of that Brahmacharya by which the knowledge of Brahman might be attained without much difficulty?

O regenerate one, tell me this. Sanata-sujata said: They, who residing in the abodes of their preceptors and winning their goodwill and friendship, practise Brahmacharya austerities, become even in this world the embodiments of Brahman and casting off their bodies are united with the Supreme Soul.

They that in this world desirous of obtaining the state of Brahman, subdue all desires, and endued as they are with righteousness, they succeed in dissociating the Soul from the body like a blade projected from a clump of heath.

The body, O Bharata, is created by these, viz. Discoursing upon Brahman and granting immortality, he who wraps all persons with the mantle of truth, should be regarded as father and mother; and bearing in mind the good he does, one should never do him any injury.

A disciple must habitually salute his preceptor with respect, and with purity of body and mind and well-directed attention, he must betake to study.

He must not consider any service as mean, and must not harbour anger. Even this is the first step of Brahmacharya. The practices of that disciple who acquires knowledge by observing the duties ordained for one of his class are regarded also as the first step of Brahmacharya.

A disciple should, with his very life and all his possessions, in thought, word and deed, do all that is agreeable to the preceptor.

This is regarded as the second step of Brahmacharya. This also is regarded as the second step of Brahmacharya.

Whatever wealth a disciple, thus engaged, may earn, should all be given to the preceptor. It is thus that the preceptor obtains his highly praise-worthy livelihood.

Thus stationed in Brahmacharya , the disciple thrives by all means in this world and obtains numerous progeny and fame.

Men also from all directions shower wealth upon him; and many people come to his abode for practising Brahmacharya. It is through Brahmacharya of this kind that the celestials attained to their divinity, and sages, highly blessed and of great wisdom, have obtained the region of Brahman.

It is by this that the Gandharvas and the Apsaras acquired such personal beauty, and it is through Brahmacharya that Surya the sun rises to make the day.

Men, O Kshatriya, by work, however pure, obtain only worlds that are perishable. He, however, that is blessed with Knowledge, attains, by the aid of that Knowledge, to Brahman which is everlasting.

There is no other path than Knowledge or the attainment of Brahman leading to emancipation. There are eight kinds of breaks, so to say, in the current of unbroken Brahmacharya practice.

You should avoid them through great care, sincere exertion and vigilant attention. Then only will you be perfectly successful in the practice of Brahamacharya.

Darshan — looking at a member of the opposite s x with carnal desire. Sparsha — desire to touch, embrace or be near a person of the opposite s x.

Keertan — praising his or her qualities to your friends. Keli — amorous sport with the opposite s x. Guhya Bhaashan — talking privately to a member of the opposite s x.

Sankalpa — lustful thought of the opposite s x. Adhyavasaaya — strong desire for carnal knowledge. Kriya Nivritti — s xual enjoyment.

Only one who is free from the entire above can be called a perfect Brahmachari. A real Brahmachari, who is seeking God earnestly, and who is engaged in spiritual practices, should avoid these breaks ruthlessly.

A break in any one of these vows is a break in Brahmacharya. This point should be well borne in mind. They should avoid violence. They should give up Rajasic food, oil, eye-paste, gambling, gossip, lies, looking at the opposite s x, striking each other, and sleeping with others.

The student should never, not even in his dreams, let go of his Veerya semen. If he does it willingly, he fails in his duty. It is death to him.

It is a sin. He is a fallen victim. By means of proper Sadhana austere practices he should try to preserve the Veerya.

By the practice of Brahmacharya alone can he get physical, mental and spiritual progress. The following rules would be very useful to those who are trying to observe Brahmacharya in thought, word and deed.

Give up evil company, loose talks, cinemas and televisions, and newspapers and magazines dealing with s x and love.

Do not mix freely with the opposite s x. Sri Ramakrishna used to look upon all women as forms of the Divine Mother. Root out love of leisure and ease.

Overcome laziness and always be engaged in some useful work. Let the mind be always occupied in the study of spiritual literature or some active work along useful lines.

Let there be no time for idle pleasure. Let the work you do be a source of joy. Find pleasure in your work.

Let it not be done under compulsion. The mind turns away from that which it does not like, and then takes recourse to other objects for getting pleasure.

You should work freely and happily, so that there may not be occasions for the mind to resort to unhealthy practices. Work for the sake of God.

Then all work will become interesting. Take to hard physical labour but do not exhaust yourself. Do your work as a hobby. Then you can do it happily.

Do Sirshasana, Sarvangasana and Siddhasana. Practise deep breathing and Bhastrika Pranayama. Take long walks. Take part in games and sports.

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